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    Sustainable Forest Management and resilience: new FOREST EUROPE Policy Brief is out

    A few days before the FOREST EUROPE High-Level Policy Dialogue in Berlin, we released the new Policy Brief “Forests for the future: How can forest resilience support Sustainable Forest Management?”. The authors, Marcus Lindner and Bernhard Wolfslehner from the European Forest Institute explain how extreme climatic events and more frequent large-scale disturbances in our forests are affecting sustainable forest management (SFM).

    In this Policy Brief, you will also comprehend the meaning of forest resilience and learn examples of developing resilient forest systems through SFM practices while acknowledging the diversity of European forests. There is also a good tool to assess forest resilience: the eight steps of the operational forest resilience assessment framework (ORF). With this, you can check to what extent a forest system is resilient against disturbances like windstorms or bark beetle outbreaks in different management scenarios.

    Don’t miss the discussion of the second panel in the High-Level Policy Dialogue (November 9, 15:00 CET), where Dr. Lindner will present this policy brief and debate these insights with Boris Erg, Director of the IUCN Regional Office for Europe, Michel Leytem, President of the European Integrate Network steering committee, Alessandra Stefani, Director General of the Forestry Department from the Italian Agriculture Ministry , Juha S. Niemelä, president of the European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR), and Þröstur Eysteinsson, representative from the European Forest Genetic Resource Programme (EUFORGEN) and Director of the Icelandic Forest Service.

    Check the new Policy Brief here.