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    Join our brand-new podcast: Seeing the forest for the trees

    Welcome to the forests of Europe! This podcast highlights the views of different countries on challenges, gaps, and solutions to sustainable forest management (SFM). We feature conversations and reflections of colleagues responsible for managing forests in the pan-European regions, covering topics such as forest functions, biodiversity, and the future of these unique ecosystems in the context of sustainable forest management.

    Join us for conversations with forestry experts from different pan-European regions as we explore the challenges, solutions, and the way forward to preserve our forests for generations to come. Our speakers will address key issues, including the important role of FOREST EUROPE, how Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) can ensure the multi-functions of our forests, strategies to protect our forests from pests, and the critical role of biodiversity when it comes to managing our forests. Hear their voices, share their passion, and be inspired by their stories.

    Discover the benefits of impactful forest policymaking and sustainable practices from different countries in the pan-European region. Listen to our four episodes here!