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    Fem4Forest, Slovenia

    Fem4Forest strengthens the capacity of the forest sector at local, regional, and interregional levels through the increased involvement and skills of women. The project is evidence-based and adopts a multi-stakeholder approach. Demand-driven actions are designed and implemented to support equal opportunities and competencies in the labour and timber markets of the Danube Region (DR). Specific objectives: • Develop innovative methods and tools for better integration of women into work positions and • decision-making in the forest sector of the DR. • Exchange best practices to increase the capacities of the forest sector at local and regional levels with more active roles for women. • Support female forest owners to increase job opportunities and income from their forests and enter new markets. The Fem4Forest project addresses crucial macro-regional challenges, such as knowledge transfer, education, collaboration, and innovation towards a more resource and energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable Danube Region. Overall, the project offers new and well-adapted instruments to facilitate the innovation process and support more active roles for women in the forest sector.