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    A day with a forester, Czech Republic

    Every year in the spring months, we participate in the nation-wide popular educational event Den s lesníkem (A day with a forester). Pupils of primary schools spend all morning in the company of our gamekeepers and foresters. Together they go through the educational route around Convent Pond that is strongly connected to the Zdar nad Sazavou Estate, company headquarters of KINSKÝ Žďár, a.s. Pupils experience examples of work in the forest on selected stations and learn about the importance of such operations. One of the kid's favorite stations is a presentation of hound training connected to the topic of gamekeeping. Pupils also learn about proper forest care, afforestation, natural forest regeneration, planting trees, and the necessity and means of tree felling. Explaining contemporary problems such as bark beetle calamity in Czechia is also part of the program. Children from the primary school can also observe from safe distance work of lumberjack and can admire their skills while felling trees. This activity is well received by children and is an opportunity to try numbering wood on their own. During the program, pupils meet coachmen with horses bringing wood closer to the heavy machinery. It is an important principle of environmentally friendly technique that is hard to find nowadays. On many occasions, kids will observe in admiration how horses react to the commands of the coachmen and are usually very interested in details such as how heavy the horse is, how much weight it can pull, how horseshoes are made, how horses are trained, etc. An important part of forestry is forest machinery. There is a presentation of wood export machinery, picking up wood by hydraulics and children can peek inside of the cabin of the driver. The main focus of the guided tour led by foresters from KINSKÝ Žďár, a.s. through the most attractive localities in Zdarske vrchy region (most attractive from the perspective of forestry economy, bark beetle calamity, and nature protection) is to improve the relationship between humans and forest and help the wide public to understand nature regularities. Another focus is on explaining basic principles of a sustainable economy, and other principles and regularities in nature protection by KINSKÝ Žďár, a. s. After the guided tour visitors will view the forest with a new set of eyes. Diversification of the guided tour can be upon request discussion with foresters at the forest banquet. Guided tour Vyprávění lesa (Telling a story of the forest) is most suitable for work collectives, high schools, colleges, and groups booked in advance with the possibility to adapt the program upon request. One of the main priorities of KINSKÝ Žďár, a.s. is to obtain a mutually beneficial connection between the economical and recreational function of the forest and its long term, continuous, sustainable development. One of the ways how to reach this goal has been for the experienced foresters of KINSKÝ company to develop a positive relationship between the public and the nature by showing principles and regularities of the forest ecosystems in the field. Great examples of the forestry pedagogy in Žďárské vrchy region where KINSKÝ Žďár, a.s. operates are well renowned educational programs Den s lesníkem (A day with a forester) for schools of new program Vyprávění lesa (Telling a story of the forest) aimed at the wide public.