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    FOREST EUROPE’s FoRISK ready to launch?

    After 1,5 years, an external evaluation of the pilot of the Forest Risk Facility clearly reports on the added value. “It successfully functions as a cross-border information and contact platform and created valuable tools for practitioners and policymakers, as well as for public communication. The pan-European knowledge facility for forest risks has correctly identified its niche to complement and support existing national systems.”

    The FoRISK pilot was running from September 2022 to December 2023 with a focus on three specific forest damage agents (wildfires, spruce bark beetle, and windstorms) based on the selection of FOREST EUROPE’s signatories and observers. Tools for optimized cross-border information and knowledge exchange and capacity building, public communication, and recommendations for practitioners and policymakers were developed and tested during this period. The evaluation report investigated on the feasibility, usefulness, impact, effectiveness, and efficiency of the FoRISK pilot and its output.

    This report is the final milestone of the FoRISK pilot and will help us promote the full-scale launch of FoRISK at the Ministerial Conference in October 2024.

    For the full report, click here.