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    FOREST EUROPE Work Programme 2021-24

    The FOREST EUROPE Expert Level Meeting took place on 1-2 September 2021, and centred on the strategic discussion and adoption of the Work Programme 2021-2024. The programme will focus on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM), a pan-European Forest Risk Mechanism, and Green Jobs and Forest Education. It also introduces an innovative Rapid Response concept for High Level Policy debate on emerging issues, and cross-cutting communication initiatives.

    A SFM think tank will be established to keep the sustainable forest management concept fit for the future. The final outputs will explore all tools in the context of current challenges to further strengthen the role of SFM in policy and practice.

    The pan-European Forest Risk mechanism will focus on building a cooperation on risk management, disaster prevention and preparation, through sharing knowledge and supporting networks.

    Green Jobs and Forest Education will bring new energy to the topic, try to close generation gaps, get more members of younger generations involved in forestry jobs, and address the shift to more digitalization.

    The communication strategy focuses on adapting the messages to different audiences through people’s stories. The first campaign is a set of interviews that includes topics related to the State of Europe’s Forests report such as forest genetic, protected areas, climate change impact, biodiversity and more. Watch the series here.

    Download the work programme here.

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