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    FOREST EUROPE hosts talks with university students

    “Thank you for the insights on the work of FOREST EUROPE, I found it very interesting!” (Student from Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)

    FOREST EUROPE is currently providing virtual guest lectures at universities around Europe. Why? Well, FOREST EUROPE not only focuses on Sustainable Forest Management, but also actively engages in the Green Jobs and Forest Education sector. To seek the contact with university students, the FOREST EUROPE team is reaching out from North to East to South and West of Europe to inform about the process. More than 200 students already had the chance to watch related videos, discuss with the team and challenge each other through a quiz. After the lecture, students know what C&I, GGJ or SoEF means (hint: you can find the answers on foresteurope.org) in addition to what the current focus areas of work are. And why FOREST EUROPE is such a unique and important process! We are also eager to hear your expectations and needs from your student’s perspective. Make sure you come to the next event.

    “It was a great opportunity to expand our horizons” (Student from Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic)

    Are you also a (forestry) student and would like to learn about FOREST EUROPE? No problem! On 29 September 2022 at 10AM CEST, we invite all forestry students – or from related fields – to join our Open House! Here, you will have the chance like your fellow students to learn about this pan-European process and ask questions. And be assured, you will know what C&I means as well. You can access the session through this zoom meeting.

    “I think what you do is a great and demanding job so keep up the good work.” (Student from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden)

    Of course, the Open House is open to teachers, professors or the curious public as well. It is truly an Open House 😊