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    SILVA Network Annual Conference: Communication – a neglected topic in higher forestry education and further education?

    University of Sopron - SOE, Faculty of Forestry, Sopron Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street 4., Sopron, Hungary

    Human life on Earth can only be sustained with the survival and proper functioning of natural systems, especially forests. However, large-scale deforestation and forest degradation takes place in many countries in the world. In other parts of the World, the unstoppable process of urbanization increasingly leads to the physical and mental separation of people from nature. More and more this is resulting in total refusal of active measures in forests aiming at wood production. In political decision-making and economic processes, you barely find representatives of forest related sciences. While we are exceeding the limits of our planet's carrying capacity, awareness of that wicked problem is limited and nature-based solutions are underrepresented in the political discussions on problem solving.

    Joint Workshop | Living with storms: towards resilience and adaptation to forest disturbances

    Forest Research Institute Baden-Württemberg, Germany Wonnhaldestraße 4, Freiburg, Baden-Wüttenberg, Germany

    The Forest Research Institute Baden-Württemberg, the Swiss Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape and FOREST EUROPE are organizing a joint workshop in order to exchange on the recent experiences with windstorm damages across forests in Europe, the consequences and management strategies. Results will be directly used to develop a policy brief including recommendations […]