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    Youth Forest Policy Days

    Online event

    This is a conference-like online event organized by the International Forestry Students' Association (IFSA). The objective is to enable the youth community to exchange knowledge and gain more insights about […]

    SILVA Network Annual Conference: Communication – a neglected topic in higher forestry education and further education?

    University of Sopron - SOE, Faculty of Forestry, Sopron Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street 4., Sopron, Hungary

    Human life on Earth can only be sustained with the survival and proper functioning of natural systems, especially forests. However, large-scale deforestation and forest degradation takes place in many countries in the world. In other parts of the World, the unstoppable process of urbanization increasingly leads to the physical and mental separation of people from nature. More and more this is resulting in total refusal of active measures in forests aiming at wood production. In political decision-making and economic processes, you barely find representatives of forest related sciences. While we are exceeding the limits of our planet's carrying capacity, awareness of that wicked problem is limited and nature-based solutions are underrepresented in the political discussions on problem solving.

    Joint Workshop: Managing Biotic Threats in Forests – Lessons Learned from Bark Beetle Calamities

    Equitania Hotel Resort Martinice 1, Březnice, Středočeský kraj, 262 72, Březnice, Czech Republic

    The workshop is part of FOREST EUROPEs work towards the implementation of a pan-European forest risk knowledge facility (FoRISK) to support forests adaptation to changing climatic and site conditions as well as to enhance the resilience and mitigation potential of forests at a pan-European level.

    17th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2023

    JUFA Hotel Königswinter Bergstraße 115, Königswinter, Germany

    „Learning to create together ‒ How can forest-related ESD build partnerships and empower people?” The Forest Pedagogy Conference lead by the SDW is a nationwide conference on the professionalisation of […]

    4th Sustainable Forest Management Think Tank

    The Think Tank consists of a FOREST EUROPE expert group composed of member state delegates, observers, and experts who will revisit SFM and its instruments. The fourth meeting will present […]

    Drought adaptation of forests in Europe – Practical strategies

    FOREST EUROPE continues its journey to delve into measures we might take at regional, national, and international levels to support Europe’s forests in adapting to drought, unravel the science behind these recommendations, and provide practical guidance on the measures.