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    European Forest Genetics Resources Programme (EUFORGEN)

    EUFORGEN – the European Forest Genetic Resources Programme – is an international cooperation programme that promotes the conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe as an integral part of sustainable forest management.

    Genetic diversity enables forest trees to survive, adapt and evolve in changing environmental conditions. It is a critical element for forests to maintain their vitality and cope with pests and diseases. Conserving this diversity is an essential part of sustainable forest management, ensuring the ecological and economical resilience of forests, and is increasingly urgent in the face of global climate change.

    Conserving forest genetic diversity was championed by Forest Europe from the early 1990s. It established EUFORGEN in 1994 following a resolution by the first Forest Europe Ministerial Conference (Strasbourg, 1990). In subsequent meetings, Forest Europe has repeated its commitment to continuing pan-European collaboration on forest genetic resources through EUFORGEN, recognising EUFORGEN’s effectiveness and its distinctive and valuable role in conserving forest genetic diversity, and its contribution to sustainable resource management. Today, EUFORGEN continues to be an implementation mechanism of the FOREST EUROPE.

    What does EUFORGEN provide?

    A unique platform for the exchange of information. This allows dialogue among science, policy and practice to identify policy needs, to develop strategies and to define priorities.

    Data and active contributions to the State of Europe’s Forests reports, allowing precise and realistic assessments and monitoring progress on forest genetic resources conservation and availability of Forest Reproductive Material.

    A mechanism to implement FOREST EUROPE’s commitments related to forest genetic resources.

    A means to identify obstacles to progress and to link researchers and policymakers.

    A channel to amplify the outcomes and support the development and implementation of European projects on FGR and coordinate existing initiatives.

    18th EUFORGEN Steering Committee meeting held in Barcelona in May 2023.


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