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    Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe

    FE develops common strategies for its 46 signatories on how to protect and sustainably manage their forests.


    State of Europe’s Forests 2020

    • 35%

      of Europe’s land is covered by forests

      Although it is slowing down, forest area has increased by 9% since 1990

    • 3%

      of European forests are damaged

      This is a result of windstorms, insect outbreaks, browsing and fires

    • 4M €

      non-wood forest products marketed in 2015

      This includes cork, Christmas trees, nuts, berries, mushrooms, wild meat and honey

    • 23,6%

      of Europe’s forests are protected

      There are 31 million ha with the main objective of conserving biodiversity, protecting landscapes and specific natural elements

    • 70%

      of forests are available for public recreation

      In the majority of countries, more than 90% of forests are accessible to the public

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    Welcome to the forests of Europe! This podcast highlights the views of different countries on challenges, gaps, and solutions to sustainable forest management (SFM). We feature conversations and reflections of colleagues responsible for managing forests in the pan-European regions, covering topics such as forest functions, biodiversity, and the future of these unique ecosystems in the context of sustainable forest management. Discover the benefits of impactful forest policymaking and sustainable practices from different countries in the pan-European region.

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